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PEO's Offer Big Company Benefits For Any Size Company

Making Benefits Planning Personal Again.

Great PEO Planning Starts Here.

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PEO's Let Any Size Business Offer The Same Benefits As A Large Fortune 500 Company.


Wouldn't it be great if someone else took care of all of your payroll and benefits responsibilities, cost less money and let you focus on the productive parts of your job?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) offer any size company the ability to custom tailor their employee benefits programs just like a larger company.  PEO’s reduce HR costs by eliminating the time and headaches associated with payroll and benefits administration, tax reporting and compliance. PEO’s do it all for a lower cost and take on the compliance responsibilities including COBRA administration.  Some PEO's offer a break-out of their benefits on an ala carte basis to you, allowing for even more task customization and savings to your company.   Let's talk time and savings. 


Why Choose A PEO?

PEO’s offer a wider selection of health insurance, voluntary and ancillary plans than normally available to small businesses.  Attract and keep talented employees by having a wider benefits selection normally available only at larger companies.

Receiving the Keys

More Benefit Options

PEO’s offer not only more health insurance options but also a broader selection of secondary and ancillary benefits such as voluntary benefits like Aflac, dental, vision, disability and life insurance.

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Reduce HR Costs

PEO’s can reduce your company’s internal costs for both payroll and benefits administration, allowing you to focus on the more productive parts of your job such as acquiring and retaining company talent.

It's Time To Get Personal About PEO's 


Contact us to discuss your company’s employee benefits and payroll issues. PEO’s offer health insurance that’s usually priced lower with a wider choice of benefits than the typical small company group offerings.  


Think "I want to offer my employee big company benefits."


Numbers Don't Lie.

PEO's can save your company big dollars and make benefits planning and payroll administration pain-free by taking the hassles of payroll, HR and benefits admin off your team members, saving time, money and manpower, allowing you to focus on the more productive parts of your job.  PEO's also keep your company tax, ERISA and labor compliant relieving you of all compliance monitoring.  We offer the top national and regional PEO's and because of our long term relationships allow for even better than normal pricing to our clients.  Finding the right one for you is simple.

Premium Prices & Products

Full Compliance

Professional Teams

We negotiate with PEO’s on your company’s behalf.


We never use a cookie-cutter methodology when it comes to your company's PEO planning.  We bring each group to our PEO partners and request customized pricing.  We'll try to improve your bottom line, lower your costs, improve your company’s employee benefits and reduce your administrative costs.  

Audits of any type disrupt any business' daily cycles and can be avoided.


Nothing is more disturbing to the business cycle than tax, regulatory or compliance issues.  PEO’s handle your HR, payroll, benefits and tax compliance, reducing the chances of regulatory issues, audits and fines, allowing your company to focus on business and not on payroll, HR and employee benefits regulations.

We're experts in the PEO market and can help your company.


Your business has many small moving parts that keep your company going in the right direction. Our PEO experts negotiate health insurance rates, plan designs and PEO administrative costs, for you, usually resulting in better health insurance coverage for less money and reduced payroll costs.   Let us help you today. 

We Take The Pain Out Of Employee Benefits Planning & Administration

"I'm the administrator at a law firm. Don't Sweat Life took care of everything for our human resources issues. They helped free up my time so I could do the more important parts of my job."

—  Pamela, Legal Administrator



Call us or schedule an appointment with our PEO experts who will discuss your current programs, employee population and your goals.


Once you’ve learned how these programs work and how they can benefit your business you’ll be ready to make your choices.


Our PEO experts will go out to the best PEO’s for your needs and negotiate health insurance premium rates & PEO employee charges exclusive to your business.


Armed with that knowledge you decide the plan choices that make the most sense for your company.


Our experts will walk you through your plan options and help you decide which programs and PEO make the most sense for your company.


Our enrollment teams take care of everything from designing flyers, enrollments, meetings and compliance, allowing your benefits team to work on the more productive aspects of their jobs.

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